What Are the Tips for Styling a Chunky Cable Knit Sweater for a Casual Office Day?

As winter approaches, it’s time to dive into your closet and retrieve the cozy, warm garments that make the colder months bearable. Among these, the chunky cable knit sweater holds a special place. They’re not just a piece of clothing; they’re a stylish statement piece that can transform an outfit from plain to captivating in an instant. However, pulling off the chunky knit look in a professional setting can be somewhat challenging. So, how do you strike the perfect balance between casual comfort and office chic with a chunky cable knit sweater? Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Pair Your Sweater with Fitted Pants or Leggings

Chunky sweaters are all about volume and texture. They can give you a casual, comfy appearance, but when you’re heading to the office, you’ll need to maintain some professional aesthetic. To counterbalance the bulk of the sweater, opt for a pair of fitted pants or leggings.

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Skinny jeans can provide the perfect contrast to your chunky sweater. For a more formal look, try pairing your sweater with a sleek pair of black trousers. Leggings also work well for a more relaxed office environment. The key here is to create a balance between the volume up top and the fit below.

Pairing your chunky sweater with fitted pants or leggings can create an appealing silhouette that is both stylish and professional. Also, consider the color of your pants. Neutral colors like black, navy or gray can provide a professional edge to your outfit.

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Opt for a Neutral or Monochrome Outfit

When you’re wearing a chunky cable knit sweater, let it be the star of your outfit. A monochrome or neutral outfit will ensure that your sweater stands out and doesn’t compete with other elements of your outfit.

Choose a sweater in a classic color like black, white, or grey, and pair it with pants of the same color. This will give you a sleek, streamlined appearance despite the bulk of the sweater.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous and your office dress code allows it, you could also opt for a brightly colored sweater. In this case, keep the rest of your outfit neutral to avoid clashing colors.

Accessorize with Minimalist Jewelry

While the chunky cable knit sweater is a statement piece in its own right, a little bit of jewelry can add a touch of elegance. However, remember that less is more.

Simple, minimalist jewelry works best with chunky sweaters. A delicate necklace or a pair of small earrings can add a little sparkle without overpowering the sweater. Avoid large, chunky jewelry that can compete with the texture and volume of the sweater.

Also, consider your sweater’s neck style while choosing your jewelry. If your sweater has a high neck, a long pendant necklace can add some visual interest. If it has a lower neck, a choker or a shorter necklace will work well.

Choose the Right Footwear

The shoes you wear can significantly influence the overall look of your outfit. When wearing a chunky sweater to the office, your footwear choice will depend largely on your pants.

If you’re wearing skinny jeans or leggings, tall boots can give you a stylish, put-together look. On the other hand, if you’re wearing trousers, a pair of sleek flats or loafers will maintain the professional aesthetic.

Remember, your shoes should complement your outfit, not compete with it. Choose footwear in neutral colors to keep the focus on your chunky cable knit sweater.

Layer Your Sweater Over a Collared Shirt

This is an excellent way to make your casual sweater look more professional. A crisp collared shirt peeking out from under your sweater can add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

The collar adds structure to the outfit, balancing the relaxed fit of the sweater. You can choose a classic white shirt for a timeless look, or play with colors and patterns if your office environment allows it.

Remember, when layering, keep comfort in mind. Choose a lightweight shirt that won’t make you feel bulky under your sweater.

Styling a chunky cable knit sweater for a casual office day doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right pairing, accessories, and layers, you can create a stylish, professional outfit that keeps you comfortable throughout the day. So, embrace the cozy charm of chunky knits this winter, and make a fashion statement at your office!

Embrace the Sweater Dress Style

Sweater dresses are a fantastic option if you are looking to style your chunky knit sweater for a casual office day. A cable knit dress can be a remarkable blend of comfort and style. They are not only warm and cozy, but also exude an undeniable chic appeal, making them a perfect choice for office wear.

The oversized sweater dress particularly stands out due to its relaxed, flowy style. When paired with the right accessories and footwear, it can make a trendy style statement. For instance, you can cinch an oversized sweater dress at the waist with a sleek belt to create a more defined silhouette. This can also add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

Choosing the right footwear is crucial when styling a sweater dress. Ankle boots can work wonders with a sweater dress, making it look more polished and office-ready. Opt for neutral-colored boots to ensure they complement your dress and not outshine it.

When it comes to accessorizing, simplicity is key. As the sweater dress is quite voluminous, you might want to opt for minimalist jewelry. A delicate pendant necklace or a pair of stud earrings could add just the right amount of sparkle without competing with your dress.

Moreover, layering can also elevate the look of your dress. You can wear a collared shirt under your sweater dress for an extra touch of sophistication. Just ensure the shirt is lightweight and comfortable to avoid feeling bundled up.

Styling a Chunky Knit Cardigan for the Office

Knit sweaters are not the only way to embrace the chunky knit trend. A knit cardigan can also be a versatile addition to your office wear. The beauty of a cardigan lies in its ability to be worn in multiple ways. Whether you button it up as a top or wear it open over a shirt, a cardigan can bring a touch of coziness to your office outfit.

When you’re styling a chunky cardigan, remember to balance the volume. If the cardigan is oversized, pair it with fitted pants or leggings. A crew neck or V-neck top underneath can help break up the chunkiness and add a bit of dimension.

A neutral-colored cardigan can be coupled with a wide range of colors and patterns. Thus, it can be a smart choice if you want a piece that can be styled in numerous ways. However, a brightly colored cardigan can also be a fun way to incorporate some color into your office wear, provided the rest of your outfit is toned down.

Footwear, as always, plays a significant role in the overall look. A pair of sleek flats or loafers could add a professional touch to your cardigan outfit.


Whether it’s a chunky knit sweater, an oversized sweater dress, or a cozy knit cardigan, there are countless ways to style cable knit garments for a casual office day. While the chunkiness can seem challenging to style, with the right pairing, accessories, and understanding of balance, you can easily make them work.

Just remember to keep it simple yet stylish. Opt for fitted pants or leggings to offset the volume of the chunky sweater, stick to minimalist jewelry, and choose footwear that complements your outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors, as long as they adhere to your office dress code.

So, as winter rolls around, don’t shy away from rocking your favorite chunky knit pieces at the office. With the right styling, you’ll not only stay warm and comfortable but also make a chic fashion statement. After all, who said office wear has to be dull and boring? Stay warm, stay stylish!